Welcome to Urbanix Consulting, your Outsourced Project Management solution. Here, we leverage years of experience in Information Technology, Internet Marketing and Project Acrhitecture to deliver high-quality solutions at minimal cost.

Urbanix, pronounced "err-BAN-icks", has been in business since 1999 and is a Better Buisness Bureau accredited business with an A+ customer satisfaction rating.

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What is Outsourced Project Management?

Outsourced Project Management is an alternative to traditional Project Outsourcing solutions.

Overseas Project Outsourcing has grown popular over the past decade as a low-cost IT consulting solution. Unfortunately, as many IT professionals know, the design and communication skills of most overseas providers are dramatically inferior to those of U.S.-based consultants. Oftentimes, the cost savings of overseas Project Outsourcing are partially offset by the time and energy spent with revisions and corrections to the project due to miscommunication and misunderstanding of business needs.

Outsourced Project Management by Urbanix Consulting delivers the cost savings of Overseas Project Outsourcing with the quality of U.S.-based consulting. A U.S.-based Project Management professional works directly with the client to understand the high-level business needs and will design the project accordingly. The Project Manager will then create detailed specifications of the low-level work to be done and manage the execution of the project among a network of vetted overseas service providers. The end result is a well-designed, high-quality product delivered with minimal cost and effort to the client.

What do we do?

From the perspective of the client, Urbanix Consulting works like a traditional U.S.-based Consulting firm except that costs are much lower.

First, an experienced Project Manager from our team can communicate with you via phone, email, or instant messenger and will take the time to discuss things with the client before designing the project. When we have an understanding of the business needs, the Project Manager will create a very specific outline of the project that is easily interpreted by a programmer.

Next, the project design will be executed by an overseas programmer. The Project Manager will carefully select this provider based on a number of factors, drawing on years of experience working with overseas developers. Oftentimes, more complex projects will be made modular and different parts of the project will be executed by different developers. By separating larger projects into several smaller ones, we often find additional cost savings.

Finally, when the low-level execution of the project is complete, the Project Manager will consolidate the components into a finished product. We will test the final product and confer with the client to confirm that things are satisfactory.

How can Outsourced Project Management cost less than traditional Outsourcing?
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